Monday, September 01, 2008

لا تنسى أخاك ترعاه يداك لا تنسى أخاااااك لو سرقت منا الأيام قلبا معطاء بسام لن نستسلم للآلام لن نستلم لللآلام

I am feeling festive this Ramadhan!!!!

Ramadhan kareem!! Have an exceptional month, everybody!

(And you all have my permission to turn the comments section into a Bab AlHara discussion board)

Love and peace!


PS. Mona got a bit carried away with the title. (I let her pick)


ren_crow said...

Hey hey uber. You've been off for the blogosphere for a while. Ramadan kareem!

Anonymous said... ='(
Happy Ramadan !
kl 3am wa anty b5eer

SKITTLES said...

i cant help but say, SEXY TITLE! :-o

mbarak 3laich el shahar ;)))

Mochness said...

Kol 3am winty b 5air =D

ubergirl87 said...

Hello everyone! Allah akram! Kull 3am o intu b2alf 5aaaaaiiiiiir! :-D

Erin said...

What does the title say? Don't leave me hanging?!!!