Friday, September 19, 2008

Once Again I Will Abuse my Position and Exploit the People Who Email Me

I was contacted by a gentleman outside of Arabia who was interested in chatting with me (about Arabia, I presumed.) Some time later, the man needed reminding as to whom I was and I told him to check his 'sent mail' folder.
****: do you have a blog or something, i usually add people to whom i thought i............. ok
7:49 AM so we have spoken, good........... so where we were ?
me: no we've never spoken
if you look in your sent mail folder
****: ok, let me
me: you'll find that you have sent me one email
7:50 AM ****: LOL, yes i found it
but that request was really nice, :)
7:51 AM me: sure
****: ok i found your blog, Saudi !!! OH ! ...............HAVE, A LOT OF MIXED FEELINGS :(

On what planet is that acceptable behavior? "I have a lot of mixed feelings about your country"
You know what?
If you send me an Email as peculiar as the one I received from this fellow, you're not allowed to have mixed feelings about anything. Those are reserved for well-mannered normal people.
I am sick of these racist idiots.

Go and have mixed feelings about me and my country men. I hope you drown in them. (In your mixed feelings, or in my countrymen. Both experiences are equally unpleasant and will do.)



Woozie said...

Wait, what?

Sweet Anger said...


oh god loooool, oh for the days of being polite

Anonymous said...

tell me abt it.
i get the same reaction when i tell people i'm pakistani..

ren_crow said...

lmao @ bedouin pride. Hala wallah for the win!

Erin said...

holy crapola! What a friggin moron. Wait...You're Saudi...BUURRNNN!! What a retard this man is. I would prefer him drown in other things that are more unpleasant, personally. I can send you a list of such substances if you wish. HAHA

beejay™ said...

lmao @ ur last sentence!! :P

Eva, Canada said...

Good manners aside, many people have mixed feelings about SA and you, ubergirl, are one of them.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hi Uber,

It's been awhile since I've commented here, but I saw this and thought I'd leave a link for you. Seems one of KSA's clerics is making news about his desire to kill Mickey Mouse.

Scribbler said...

that was hilarious lol thanks for sharing... could always use a good laugh over people's ignorance.

ubergirl87 said...

Thank you all for your comments :-)