Monday, June 22, 2009

What Do You Say in Your First Post in Over 4754.8 Years, Anyway?


Here's what's new:
  • I'm almost a graduate
  • I'm even more of a hippie than I used to be
  • I don't believe in "Obama the president" anymore
  • Don't get me wrong, I still think he's pretty fly
  • Actually, I don't believe politics can solve anything anymore
  • All we need is love <3

I'm sorry I've been away for so long, but I'm back now. For good. I hope.
If you're reading this, thank you for sticking with me and my drama <3

If it's your first time on my blog and you have no idea what I'm on about...




Erin said...

About Obama: All that glitters fades. He's still an awesome guy though. He's a HUGE improvement over the last. I'm excited to see what he brings about over the next 3.5 - 7.5 years. Here's to hoping the best! The man was given a shit storm in a teacup and he's fared pretty well so far!

Love can solve everything but then there's that human factor. Man will dominate man to his own injury. It's a guarantee.

Congrats on being an almost-grad!! When I graduated, right after I walked, the President of our University walked over and congratulated me on being officially unemployed. Way to piss on my parade, mister. I'll never forget him though.

Glad to see you're back. Just a question off handed: Do you guys over there have any more info on what's going on in Iran? We here in the states have nada. Just what bloggers post.

bonta.euph said...

Welcome back! :D and yeah politics is shit with all due respect, and I agree with the last point.
Good to see a new post on this blog.


Ahmed said...

Welcome back :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Don't expect Obama to deliver everything. He needs someone from "the other side" to work with as well. You cannot sit in your part of the world and expect him to give you the world. you need to bring something to the table, it takes two to tango/dance etc.

Don Cox said...

The point of politics is to negotiate instead of fighting, when two sides have serious disagreements. It is true that many politicians are dishonest and greedy, but so are many non-politicians. Big problems still have to be settled somehow, and corrupt people haggling over a problem is still better than civil war.

It is funny how, when a divisive issue comes up, people like to say "Let's keep politics out of this." What they mean is "Nobody has a right to disagree with me, no discussion is allowed."

Woozie said...

Fun fact: The same day Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died, 40 years ago The Beatles recorded and broadcast All You Need Is Love to 40 million people watching the BBC's OneWorld. The radio was playing a bunch of Beatles/McCartney/Lennon songs until the news about MJ broke.

Anonymous said...

Nuri said...

Yes but, did you learn how to open ketchup packages in all that time??

Nani_37 said...

welcome back :) ... and stick around for a while ;)

Rimyoleta said...

I missed's been a while :D

Anonymous said...

hey sister,

my name is hana and im a brazillian studying censorship in saudi arabia at the school of oriental and african studies in london. i would like to get in touch wit y to know how this blogging business work over there. i was married to an emirate and can guarantee it seems more liberal than it is tho its true their future leader is indeed steaming hot if not an over spender. if u could get in touch for a chat it be of great help. all the best.

ps: i dont believe in obama either having been to the west bank 3 times - now banned as those poor israelis think a skinny 23 year old is a threat - i only seen things get worse...

take care,

hana (email:

Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...

WELCOME BAAAACK!! I hope you are well.

faiz said...

yay!welcome back!
comment on MJ's death, girl! :(

Stephen said...

It's good to see you back Ubergirl but you need a few back up posts. C'mon get the finger out

al-Sabah said...

in a mad world, it is great to see that there is one place where sanity rules;

damn, you gotta love KSA!!! keeping the focus on the things that really matters!!!

worldly said...

Hey Ubergirl....I was just checking out your blog. You seem to have a lot of attitude,in a good way of course!;) I blog occasionally for a site here: come check us out. Maybe you have an idea for a blog post? we are looking for more writers from outside the us...women telling their story kind of thing.

Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...

Where are you ubergirl????? I miss you.

ubergirl87 said...

Erin: Thanks :-D
Regarding Iran, we don't really know any more than you do.

Bonta, Thank you!

Ahmed, Thanks :)

Anonymous, I guess what I expected of Obama was a new politics. A more genuine politician. Maybe my hopes were too high.

Don-Cox, I think I need to rephrase that. I believe in politics, I just don't believe in politicians :)

Woozie, I did not know that!

Nuri, I'll answer that in my next post ;)

Nani, Sure :-D

Rimyoleta, It sure has :)

Yamato Girl, Thank you! :-D I am.

faiz, Thanks :)
And, "no comment" :p

Stephen, It's been slow around here, but I'll try :)

worldly, I'll let you know if I think of something :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Anonymous said...

i just stumbled upon ur blog; can't wait to explore it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ubergirl,

U know, I couldn't agree more with u on the hippie thing.

I'm really disappointed with the human race and the so called "civilization", politics is just a cover up to legit crime; and Earth is dying.

Thanks for a great blog and a new bookmark.

Peace and Love thru Mazzy Star's Fade Into You

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Daku Seorang said...
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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

Welcome back! :D and yeah politics is shit with all due respect, and I agree with the last point.
Good to see a new post on this blog.


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