Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Can Never Properly Open Ketchup Packages

I always make a mess.

Wtf is it with all the Octomom talk? Why is she news?
I am appalled that she made her way into Saudi newspapers.

Yesterday I met a girl (17-20 years old) who had never used the internet.
I was... Bewildered.
I mean, how? Why?

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I had to.



Anonymous said...

Rofl xD
Ketchup sucks anyways! :D
And yeah, it's really weird how some people never used the Internet or even the computer, I think it's all part of the "OOOH COMPUTERZ AND INTERNETZ R BAAAAD AND IT CORRUPTS TEH MINDZZ!", when it's not really the Internet's fault, it's the how people misuse it is the problem here.
But oh well, one thing about us Saudis is that we always blame other things or people, but not ourselves even when we're wrong, alot of us don't have the guts to admit being at wrong.
Not everyone of course, but the majority are like that.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Sorry about the wall of text xD

ren_crow said...

Hah the octomom story is just another one of those things that the tabloids have been following because they have nothing else to report on. Obviously they've never been to saudia. Octomom looks like an amatuer here.

I assume she comes from some ultra strict family where anything remotely 21st century is seen as satanic.

Anonymous said...

isn't the Islam world 632 years or so behind? And some would even like to take it back to 632CE, e.g. Taleban etc. After all everything was so much better back then. Well, no internet, no tv and other bad things that could corrupt a young, impressionable Saudi babe ;-) OK, i'm sure there is one underneath that garb, or so i've heard

Broke Saudi said...

Yes! Finally someone feels me on the ketchup thing, come up with innovative solution asshole ketchup companies! Fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Uber said: "Wtf is it with all the Octomom talk? Why is she news?"

I think if you have 8 babies coming out of you you will make it in the news as well.

Anonymous said...

why all this rage and anger about ketchup??? can't you just buy a squeezable plastic bottle where it comes out nicely rather than Heinz's glass bottle??? Why not focus your rage and energy on the lunatics around the world

Anonymous said...

I like turtles?

Anonymous said...

More fun from your friendly neighborhood clerics;

Deviant thoughts??? that came from someone who is THE expert on deviant thoughts.

Pictures of beautiful women, deviant?? Dang, if Allah created these beautiful women what better way to show how we cherish his creations than by letting them out from their burqas and niqabs???

We came naked into this world, let's enjoy our nudity!!!

izzy™ said... of my friends thought she had to have her computer on to recieve email :P

Anonymous said...

never too young to be married and f***ed but never old enough or competent to drive a car. what is the matter with this country???

Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...

Where are you?? I miss reading your blog.You haven't updated for a while. I hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Ketchup makes you fat. Full of high fructose corn syrup.
Thought you'd have something to say about Obama in Cairo.
You spending more time studying less time blogging?
ps. re last post, yeah it will be alright.
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