Friday, January 16, 2009

This is Actually Happening

So the good people in Qatar want a meeting of Arab and Muslim nations to talk about what's going on in Gaza.
And a few days before that's set to happen, Saudi Arabia holds a meeting of its own, basically urging Arab and Muslim countries not to go to the summit in Qatar.


I am getting total dejavu. This has happened before, I'm sure of it...
When, though?

Oh, right.

What the fuck?
Can't we, for once, shut the fuck up, and not embarrass me?

God damn it, only today 65 people died. And this is what we're doing.
Great job, governments of the world. Really.



Anonymous said...

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Stephen said...

Anyway this meeting is pointless. What can any Arab nation do, they are powerless against the Zionists. But I get your point, petty issues aside and just get together for the sake of the poor souls in Gaza.

A "truce" looks likely to be happening soon, in other word Israel are done bombing the shit out of Gaza and murdering innocent civilians...until next time, when the cycle starts all over again.

Anonymous said...

so stop giving the fuckers an excuse to bomb the Palestinians back to the stone age. the only time any Arab seems to care even the slightest is when Israel is going on a rampage. in between the fights, you leave the Iranians to take control over poor buggers. And, heaven knows that the Iranians have no interest in them besides using them as a tool to "annoy" the Israelis. Hamas's attacks on Israel is like an annoying mosquito; a little blood, a tiny itch and then it is forgotten. For 2 years, Hamas had the chance to do something productive but no, they chose to continue send off their rockets (which by the way is even worse than those Germany sent towards London in WW-II; great technological progress, for retards). As soon as a truce in place we going to hear the stupid bleating from Hamas about how they won the war. WTF??? Look at your country, look at your people and ask yourself; are we better off now than we were a month ago? Any sensible human being would get the answer but not Hamas (+Iran and Hezbollah). Oh no, they will go on about all martyrs, how it is all better now. Hamas is nothing but Irans "useful" idiots, trying to the dirty work the Iranians are too smart to not try to do themselves.

Israel on the other side; we have, once again, seen the complete loss of any moral and ethical compass. A whole world (except the US?) is disgusted by the excessive use of force and lack of discrimination between legal target and civilians. Shame on Israel.

Don Cox said...

I think this historical map will give a clue as to what is going on. The Iranian regime remembers the days of their Empire, and they think this is still the area they should control. Hence, Syria as a client state, Hezbollah, Hamas, bribery of Iraqi MPs, etc. Hence also the resistance of Egypt and SA to Iranian imperialism.

The Israel question just gives Iran an excuse to move in.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. love the blog.. have just chanced across it and have laughed out loud several times reading it.

I have recently moved to Saudi (3 months ago) and just about starting to settle.. I am a little older than you but am still finding your blog fabulously refreshing and will continue to log in to see what you have to say.. keep it up, x

Faisal said...

They say the pen is mightier then the sword. My question is now, what's mightier then bombs? Is it the blog?!

ZoeyGetty said...

Yaaaaaaaaaa ASSSSSSSSS i missssss seeing you online !! where the hell are you ? C'est moi Aziz .

Anyway, yeah totally with you on da saudi government standing in the way of peace negotiations. As much as i hate Israel as much as i know that the only way to find peace is not by fighting them but communicating with them. Israeli people aren't all bad. Some are genuinely asking for peace and feel guilty towards the crimes committed by their Zionist government. Their government is giving enough reason for moderate to become extremists.

But we all know Saudi Arabia is fucked up so why bother ?

Miss u babez

ubergirl87 said...


ubergirl87 said...
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ubergirl87 said...

Stephen: Why does this happen.

Anonymous: It's disgusting, I know. But there doesn't seem to be anything we can do.

Don Cox: Politics aside, when will all of our leaders learn the value of human life? Random wars and killing should be unacceptable. In reality, they are debatable. Shocking way to carry on, on the part of all of our governments.

Anonymous: Thanks!

Faisal: Hmm... Flattering, yet alarming, lol.

Zoey: Marry me?

ren_crow said...

Well there is something that you and the average saudi person can do. The problem is its something that the royal family might not exactly want to happen...

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