Monday, February 02, 2009

Bottle It Up

I can't wait till I fucking graduate.



Nani_37 said...

Here's congratulations in advance :)

ubergirl87 said...

Thanks Nani :-D

ren_crow said...

I just got done ;)

Anonymous said...

Getting graduated this year as well, feels good as ever!
Good luck for both of us and congrats x)


Stephen said...

When do you graduate? And what have you got planned after?

I felt very relieved when I did. Good luck

Crispal said...

And after graduating, what?

Anonymous said...

The best thing after graduating is, NO MORE FLUXERING EXAMS!


Anonymous said...

4 years to go..

ubergirl87 said...

Ren_Crow: Luckyy!

Bonta: Yeah, thanks :-D

Stephen: Early July. I don't know what after... I'll figure something out :-D

Crispal: I don't know what. Looking forward to finding out! :-D

Anonymous: They go by fast, don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

does it matter if graduate or not when you are basically "sentenced" to a life as a barefooted, pregnant housewife whose most important duty is to cook, clean and serve your husband?

Anonymous said...

eh? who are you to decide what her life is "sentenced" for? o_O
Retards who loves to lock up women in their houses are a lot yes, but that doesn't mean every single Saudi is of that type >_>


Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...

After you graduate, I suggest you put more posts in your blog more often. I have been a big fan of your blog for the last few years and am always waiting for your view (true/ironical!) of your society.

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