Monday, December 17, 2007


The Qatif Girl was granted leniency.
ZERO Lashes and NO jail time.

This is attributed to the pressures of the Western media on the Saudi government, and I am honestly happy about this. I'd rather the West pressure us into justice rather than wait for the idiots in charge of all this to figure it out.

But I am not celebrating yet...



justice said...

She was granted full pardon by the king, so you should give this great man some credit, if it was up to the justice department, or those antiquated judges, she will still be in jail. The case made us look bad no matter how you spin it. And when they try to showcase their point of view to the media, they put on Sheikh alaobikan on LBC, who by most account a very moderate cleric, he just made things worse, right of the bat he started attacking the girl. Bad public relation move for the kingdom, he showed no compassion, and no mercy for the victim, and then he backtracked by telling us, and oh by the way, the rapist were bad as well.

The king has order the whole judiciary system to be reviewed and overhauled.

By the way CNN is having a field day with story….

Sewmouse said...

I am very glad to hear that in THIS instance, the right thing was done. Unfortunately, she is but one of many women who are victimized by the abuses of women in the world.

Until men wake up and realize that women exist NOT to be their "possessions", which can be mistreated or destroyed at their whim, but their COMPANIONS and EQUALS - will true justice exist.