Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benazir Bhutto

I don't understand how people commit murder.
All our lives are sacred.
How can anyone plan someone else's murder?
Does life mean nothing to them?
It is sacred!

It's bad enough that we have incurable fatal diseases... But to purposely kill people on top of that?

I cannot come to grips with the thought that people can benefit from others' deaths.

Human beings are so crude.

I don't get it. She was a good person.
She wasn't done living.



Anonymous said...

I just don't understand it either.

I pray her soul is at peace.

She was indeed a good person.

Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't post about the arrested Saudi blogger.

Anonymous said...

may she rest in peace.

Don Cox said...

I don't think she was a good person. She was a glamorous and very rich member of a political family. She did very little for the people of Pakistan during her two periods in office.______ But that is no reason to kill her, nor the two hundred others who died in the attacks. And what about all those who were injured and are now in pain? I think you are focussing too much on one victim and forgetting the rest.

Anonymous said...

Saudi jeans was all over the air waves defending his arrested friend, he was on CNN, and on LBC. what a brave little guy...

Don Cox said...

I have a great respect for Saudi Jeans.

ubergirl87 said...

Don Cox, You're right. I do feel very bad for all of the people who died.

As for the arrested blogger, I cannot say I know a lot about his case but I do hope he is released very soon.