Friday, November 30, 2007

Fatat AlQatif

I cannot say how much I want to give this girl a hug and tell her how brave she is. I have avoided reading about this and even talking about it for the longest time, because (and I am being completely selfish here, I know) it will tear me up inside.
I don't know if I can take any more of this.
My God, I can't imagine what she is feeling.

May God bless her lawyer and her husband. What wonderful men.

Now I want to move on to the crazy people who are running the courts and, for that matter, the entire fucking country.
How great is it that we have the Moral Police making these serious judgments and slandering innocent women?
I would just like to point out to people who think hers was a fair ruling according to Islam, that there is no such thing as 100 lashings in Islamic law. It's either 80 lashings for an unmarried adulterer, or stoning for a married one.
In both cases the person must admit to adultery and there must be 4 witnesses to the act itself.
That, in a nutshell, is what Islam has to say about adultery, which Fatat AlQuatif did not, by the way, commit.
Here is what I make of the whole situation: The Moral Police (about 70% of the population who either basically think they are morally superior to every one, or think their Sheik of choice is) who convicted this woman are only doing this because she is a shiite.

That is all I have to say.



Anonymous said...

She is not shit, have respect for the girl. Shame on you...

Anonymous said...

shiite = شيعه

Anonymous said...

No "shiite" you fucking moron. I was joking.

Hassan.... said...

frankly and honestly i would like to say one thing....instead of advancing and modernizing, saudis are going backwards, advancing back to the old ages. And in my opinion most of the reponsibility goes to this so called religious police whom are no more than animals.


Anonymous said...

Hey you fucking idiot, frankly and honestly are pretty much the same thing. Retards should keep their opinions to themselves, even though I despise the shithole of Saud, I despise retards even more.

Random thoughts said...

It's a heartbreaking story.

Morally outraged said...

How could a judicial law that is based on sharia principles, hand down such a verdict?!!

The surrounding circumstances regarding the case should not have played any role in influencing the judge decision; this was a clear cut case of rape, and nothing else, a case of total savage brutality.

The law of the land was meant to protect the victims,not the criminals, the whole justice system is on the balance just becasue of a few antiquated, racist judges.

JoJo said...

Allah yster, alhay2a's acts are turning people who had neutral feelings towards them into haters.....

Abu Miftah said...

First of all ubergirl...

The punishment for an unmarried fornicator are 100 lashes.

The 80 lashes you mentioned are for falsely accusing an innocent person of adultery/fornication.

The only ways to have that carried out is for the person to EITHER admit, OR for four witnesses to come forth having seen the actual penetration. NOT admitting AND witness.

Also, the Judge did not hand out the lashes solely based on the fact that she was alone with her boyfriend (who nobody can deny that he WAS of that capacity at some time).

They WERE ALONE together, it doesn't matter WHAT their lawyer or spouse might say to WATER DOWN that FACT.

Extra lashes can be added for a person committing other offenses also, perhaps the Judge knows something you don't?

Also, one of the known reasons for the extra lashes and jail-time is because she turned to western and national media outlets to make a huge case about how she is being wrongly punished and what not. She IS guilty to a certain extent, no doubt. But she made her situation worse by Whoring herself to western powers and trying to have that lesser her situation and save whatever honor she was trying to save by her family saying, "Oh! Look! She's a victim! She wasn't screwing the guy, and even if she did in the past... he was blackmailing her! Our little princess is a victim and because we are poor little weak Shiites living in this oppressive Regime, we are being made an example of."

Now in all fairness, I think it should be said, that the guys who attacked her and her boyfriend should be killed. According to Islamic Law, they not only sodomized and fornicated/adulterated, but they also caused Ifsaad (Corruption in the Land) and Rape is one of many offenses that calls for capital punishment.

Hopefully the Judge will look into the situation again and will make sure she gets her lashes for crying to the Kuffar but also that the rapists get their heads cut off and hopefully are made a bigger example of.

Whatcha think about that?

I know you liberals/secularists that are reading this might not like it. But, thank God, Islam rules this land... not Oprah Winfrey. And I'm sure Qatif girl will be making an appearance on Oprah as soon as she gets all better. And of course she'll probably apply for asylum and maybe even write a Memoirs and get a movie deal with Paramount.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again another American Taliban in the making....

Abu Miftah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abu Miftah said...

Yeah, thanks Mr. (?).... oh, you are a panzy and don't have a name... oh well.

Don't get me wrong, I am totally against terrorism and EVERYTHING that Osama bin Laden and his lamer crew stand for... but Islam is Islam. Sharee`ah is Sharee`ah. Let's stop being apologetic to the ways of others. People that look in from the outside.

I am not biased, nor am I hiding behind anonymity...

The Judge(s) definitely did have some shortcomings on the case. But, there's also the reality that there seems to be something sour on the girl's/boyfriend's side ALSO.

Thanks for shopping, please come again soon.

Anonymous said...

Abu Miftah my balls need some licking.




Mohammed said...

Abu Miftha, you are one sick sick sick motherfucker!

Sewmouse said...

How can anyone read comments like those by "Abu Miftha" and then wonder why some Western folk consider Arabs to be backward, brainless barbarians?

Anonymous said...


ubergirl87 said...

Abu Miftah,
1) She did not confess to being alone with her "boyfriend."
2)She was NOT mu5taliya. 5ulwa is when two people are alone (this girl was on a public street) and INTEND on committing adultery. How can you prove they intended it without a proper confession?
3) The "witnesses" are the rapists.

Why do you feel the need to turn this into a "REAL Muslim" versus evil liberal (aka everyone and anyone who even shows signs of thinking differently than you)?
You are so quick to point out that I don't know the details of this case, you forget that YOU don't know the details of this case either.
If the judge is in the right, WHY don't we know all the details? What do they have to hide?

And these allegations agaist her, that she was found with her boyfriend in a state of undress, does not mean adultery.

If I ask any Muttawa what he thinks of my perfectly modest abaya and he will tell you I am half naked.

Islamic law is clear. There is no room for speculation. There is no such thing as extra lashings for whoring oneself to the "kuffar."

Have some compassion.

Anonymous said...

Abu Miftah-if you are so against the "kuffar"-then why did you master their language? You're the reason why the world sees Saudi as the most fucked up place in the world or as the literal "hell on earth"!

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