Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Do You Think?

I've been thinking, you know the crazy religious people? The ones who have joined the cult that can legally shout in the streets and harrass poor unknowing citizens? The high-up folks who announce that the Shia in Lebanon are kuffar? (Which, by the way, is my new favorite word. Kaffir. It's so dramatic and final-sounding. Sexy!)
Back to what I was saying. These crazy religious people, are they really religious? I mean, do they believe God aproves of their antics?
They do realize they just a political tool, I'm sure. So if they know this, do they still think what they're doing is what Islam asks of them?
Now bear with me, if they don't believe what they're doing is based on Islam, does this mean they don't believe in Islam?
I realize we can't generalize, but tell me what you think. I really would love to survvey them, but obviously, I can't.
This is the next best thing.
What do you think?



Don Cox said...

I think they divide their minds up into separate watertight compartments. We are all good at self-deception, these guys are just better than most. I doubt if they ever think they are doing wrong, although they might admit to the occasional tactical error.

ren_crow said...

i think that this post......is HARAM!

frogman said...

i believe a lot of them are brainwashed. and i say that, because i knew a guy who SUDDENLY turned religious and he immediately started preaching at me as he was certain that i am a sinner.

some of them only find their way after being extremely sinful, so they compare anyone who isn't like them to their own worse form (drinking, alcohol, sex etc etc)

i do think they actually believe it because it is easier for them to follow something without the need to think and analyze for themselves. i think they fear doubt and try to steer away from it by following a cult..

Taqo said...

imho, even though some of them may realize that their behavior isn't quite "right" or Islamic, they have this idea in their heads that it's still for the "greater good" of society, and with that kind of mentality, it justifies their antics and makes everything fine and dandy to them :D
if that made any sense, lol.

how else could they sleep at night :O

Anonymous said...

If you wanna see how one saudi thinks, please check my blog


Sewmouse said...

I think it depends on the person. Certainly some of them must realize that they are using Islam in a despicable way to manipulate others. However, as frogman comments, there are others who are new converts, or "true believers" who really do think that their nonsense is going to "save your soul".

Allah alone knows which are which in truth. It does, however, seem to be rather inappropriate for these people to set themselves up as the mouthpieces of Allah - usurping the rights of the prophets!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure most of them understand that they are nothing but a political tool as you mentioned. I think we should consider that these ppl are getting paid for what they do. That being said, are they really doing what they are doing lewajh Allah? sure makes me wonder

Stephen said...

I do think that the Mutaween are doing what they see as something noble or whatever but its completely over the top (understatement to say the least).

For example forcing someone to perform Salah is pointless because they aren't doing it to please God they're doing it because they're forced to.

unokhan said...

religion is madness

chronicler said...

There's no sincerity in them, they are just doing it to show off...get some attention...me being a teacher, I'd say that they weren't given enough attention as kids...hehehe

Eva said...

There are two kinds of people involved in these schemes. The MANIPULATORS who KNOW exactly what they are doing and the SHEEPLE who THINK they know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

"I've been thinking, you know the crazy religious people?"
I'm quoting you here because you said they are religious yet you do not think they represent Islam or maybe ignorant about islam. Calling some people religious or"Mutawah" has divided us.
Besides, the word Mutawah means someone who obeys. So does that mean we are not Muslims if we do not have this label?
You don't want some sects to be called kuffar, yet you call some people "even if they have made mistakes" Mutawah.
Now before getting upset why shia in Lebanon are called kuffar, I think it's better if I read about their beliefs first than defending them without knowledge.

Jason said...

Yes I believe they think they're doing Gods will.

ubergirl87 said...

anonymous, I'm not quite sure I understand all of what you said, but I'll try my best to reply. I use the word "Muttawa" to describe the hay'a. This is how the word "Muttawa" is used in Saudi Arabia, regardless of what their beliefs are and whether or not we agree with them. I use the word "religious" because how they act is commonly mistaken for what Islam asks of us, but I should have been more clear about that.
Regarding the Shia in Lebanon; you cannot call people "refida" or "kuffar" no matter what they believe, so I completely disagree with you on that. It is for God to decide who the kafir is.It is not a matter of studying their faith to determine whether or not they fit your standards and your beliefs. It is very ignorant to assume that you are right and everyone whose views do not match yours are kuffar. And the Shia find labels like "kuffar" and "rafida" very offensive, so it is shameful for people, let alone "Islamic" scholars (or so they call themselves), to advocate this hate speech.

Thanks for your comments, everyone! Interesting responses.
Peace and love!

Marie4thtimemom said...

I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer, but I agree with this comment completely: i do think they actually believe it because it is easier for them to follow something without the need to think and analyze for themselves. i think they fear doubt and try to steer away from it by following a cult..

I think that is true of fanatical adherents to any religion, which is a shame because God gave us our intellects for a reason. We can (and are expected to) use them to study, gain knowledge of Him, and figure out what we believe and why. In fact, the whole field of apologetics is based on this premise.

The disconnect between the way they treat others and what their religion preaches has to cause cognitive dissonance; therefore, it has to somehow be justified. The only way they can do it is by doing so in the name of religion (of which they are the self-appointed guardians), or else come face-to-face with their own hypocrisy. Have you ever heard of Fred Phelps? Same idea.