Sunday, May 04, 2008

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Skype is like magic.

I've been obsessed with Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid AlMaktoum of Dubai for about a month now.
He's so nice to everyone.
And look at what he's done with Dubai.

Why can't that be us?
It's frustrating.

My mother said the other day that when she was in her teens they used to tease Emaratis and laugh at them and call them garawa (villagers) and Bedouins.

Guess who the fuck's laughing now?

And I am very, very angry.
Because they have security and good healthcare and no poverty and sexy turbans and phenomenal technology. And their own theme music!
Oh, and they have a hot piece of sheikh: Click to enlarge

We have people getting away with rape, and people living in poverty, and orphans living among cockroaches, and this:

How's that for theme music, bitches?

It is very sad when people refer to AlFaisaliyah and AlMamlaka :

As the height of technology in Saudi Arabia. And the worst part is, they brag about them.

In Dubai, I wear whatever I want and no-one has ever said or done anything to me. In Riyadh I am in my black abaya and I get verbally harassed by ill-disciplined teenage boys and Muttawas, and apparently, the law does not protect me from this harassment.
In Dubai, people drink, but I have never seen a drunk person there. In Riyadh, I found an empty bottle of liquor outside my little sister's school.

And I hate people who say "oh, but we have Islaaaaam. We practice Islam! We're much better off."
Practice Islam? Where?
Show me where we practice Islam and I will die happy.

We are a nation of contradictions, and it seems as though we are proud. Or in denial.
Pick your poison.


PS. Fouad AlFarhan has been released!


Play With The Mango said...

So true. You make me ashamed of being a male Saudi.

Baroque said...

babe, dubai is superficial..

not to brag, flatter myself, or make you jealous, or whatever this might convey..

but i believe and it has nothing to do with me being kuwaiti that Kuwait and Bahrain are much better off being examples..

you're going from extremes, from KSA to Dubai..

Abu Dhabi, an hour and half away from Dubai, is a better place to live, and not in that plastic adult pleasure island a la pinochio..

Broke Saudi said...

But Saudi has that gaudy 80's architecture going on! Who doesn't love that?

ren_crow said...

Actually the problem is the age gap between the young and the old. The rest of my classmates at uni are saudi and they definitely want to change KSA and make it as developed as UAE. The problem is people are still living in the past. They need to grow up and ditch the medieval tribal customs.
And if we're lucky there might be a new National Library located in the Dammam corniche, with the kind of fresh phat new architecture you only see in germany ^_^ (aka my current senior project)

Erin said...

That is a hot piece of sheikh, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

After the famous NBA player Kareem Abduljabbar became Muslim and went to Saudi Arabia on a visit he said "I have been in a Muslim country where I didn't see any Muslim".

Eva said...

Hang on in there. I believe that yours will be the last generation of Saudi women imprisoned in black tents. Am I too optimistic?

ubergirl87 said...

Play with the mango: GOOD! :-p

Baroque: It's a matter of taste, isn't it? I like the drama of Dubai. You seem to like quieter places. Also, Dubai, the Emirates in general, is safe and clean. This is mainly why I like it.

Broke Saudi: Oooh. You're right. Forgot all about that. Silly me.

ren__crow: It's not the people who are at fault here. Trust me.
It's the multi-millionaires who choose not to invest in projects in Saudi. If you give people the education and technology, trust me you won't have a problem getting them to "adapt" to anything.


Anon: That's embarrassing.

eva: I wouldn't say you're TOO optimistic. There are some people who believe in the black abaya and choose to wear it, and that's fine. But I do think people (my generation, really) are moving towards becoming more tolerant and accepting. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your comments, everybody! :-)