Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Le Luxe est La Necessite Qui Commence Ou S'Arrete La Necessite"

I love Rosie O'Donell more and more everyday.
I know she has a big mouth, but you never doubt her sincerity.
She almost always says what I'm thinking, and when she doesn't, I almost always end up agreeing with her.
She is the one person that I can use to prove that America still has freedom of speech in the main stream media. The woman all but said George Bush is behind 9/11.
How is she still alive?

Today somebody who has known me for all of my life commented on how I "don't need a lot of things."
Things. Said it like this.
I was shocked. I'm always trying to be those people who don't need anything (and therefore don't want anything, and that sort of creates spiritual fulfillment. Or something.) but I thought of myself as a miserable failure at that. Ask my parents about me and my things. They think I have a problem.
And now I'm sitting at home thinking about what she said, and I'm not so shocked anymore. Now that I think of it, I haven't needed anything for a long, long time. I'm glad. It's nice.

Mona you are so dramatic. Also, appreciation is nice sometimes. I'm writing this here because I doubt that you really pay attention in real life. It's part of your charm.
It is.

Sometimes I wish I wrote my posts with half as much zest as my comments. So I'm posting a bit of comment that I really feel strongly about:

When will we as a community stop caring what people's sexual orientation is?
"It's haraaam."
I know. We all KNOW. Don't you think we've been force-fed this information enough for us TO KNOW THAT IT’S HARAAM?
I am not necessarily saying being gay is right, I'm saying it should not be something anyone cares about. There are much more important things that deserve our attention.

Life is a series of choices, we believe Allah judges us on the choices we make. Does it make any sense, then, for people (or a certain group) to gain power and FORCE others to make the choices THEY believe are right? What's the point of having a brain, of thinking, if not to make our own decisions that will affect OUR lives/afterlife?Man was not created to fit into a certain mold. Or a certain way of thinking.
We must be accepting. Loving. Compassionate. If we are not, then what separates us from rabid dogs?

And there you have it.



Anonymous said...

Uhhh it's not only in this community pal, it's all over the world. But what can you do, no one is whole, we're all idiots in one way or another. We all love to judge, who doesn't? I see a bearded fellow walking down the stress, I already assume he's a fucking hypocrite. It's not only a Saudi trait, you'll find it all over the world. Being accepting of all people is bullshit, people who think they're like that are shitting themselves.

Hning said...

I don't know how it came to this, but this post washed my mind with so much peace and silence..

"Hey, someone out there gets it too!"

My warmest regards for writing this..

Don Cox said...

"The woman all but said George Bush is behind 9/11.
How is she still alive?"_____America is full of people insulting George Bush. There's no law against it. Most of the US media are inclined towards the Democrats anyway. Why wouldn't she be alive?

taqo said...

This post was really relaxing :|

I think I feel like Hning..

kay said...

It is true, lots of people in America do openly say George Bush or at least 'his people' were behind 9/11. It's easy to find someone on the street to say that.
On television though, you don't hear it too often. I think that's more to do with issues of media ownership than fear of being killed.
Do you get 'The View' in Saudi?
One more thing. All those people who sign of anonymous, can't you at least think of a pseudonym?

Eva, Canada said...

Rosie O'Donnell is the proof that you can be a TV personality even if you have only half a brain. Isn't America great?

Maximillion, Buraydah said...

Eva I love you!

أبو سنان said...

Rosie is an idiot. As to Bush being behind 9/11, when will people get past the stupid conspiracy theories and accept that MUSLIM/ARABS did it, mostly SAUDIS.

It is fact, stop trying to blame others.

This is not to negate what Bush has done to Iraq and other places, it just makes people look at you like you are insance when you deny what is obvious.

The Middle East and the Islamic world will never be able to confront and solve their issues as long as they are blaming them all on somebody else.

Sewmouse said...

That's one of the things about living in a country with freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. We have the right - some would say the OBLIGATION - to confront our government and demand excellence from them.

That's a major reason why George Bush is trying to turn it into a christian religious theocratic dictatorship - with HIM as the dictator.

It is not legal to make violent threats against the president, nor against the members of Congress, to my understanding - but to criticize him, to blame him for things? Not only legal, but encouraged. At least for now.

curious george said...

So, would Rosie be put to death in the KSA for being Gay? Or would they just beat the gayness out of her?

ubergirl87 said...

Abu Sinan, I don't know who was beind 9/11. It could be Muslims, but I can't say I'm sure.
All I know is that for the first time in the history of the world a building collapsed because of an airplane collision. It has happened with smaller, less powerful structures, as I'm sure you've heard, and they have not collapsed. Let alone in 37 seconds.
I also believe that fire cannot melt steel.
I'm sure you've heard this argument a million times before, but I am sticking to it. And it's not because I'm a conspiracy theorist, or because I feel I need to defend Arabs or Muslims. Infact, I don't feel I should defend anyone at all.
I'm just stating the facts - not theories- that convinced me that there is more to 9/11 than what you think.

A.nagadi said...

I always thought that you were smart but now I know that you are very well educated and very(the opposite of superficial :P)

Anonymous said...

For more on 9/11 go to 9/ it's a great site. Lots of info and evidence.

Anonymous said...

أبو سنان said...


I am not calling you names. Lets indeed stick to facts. The facts, as you know them, appear to be a bit wrong from the scientific end of things.

Steel can be melted by fire, how do you think steel is made in the first place? I suggest doing some reading into the manufacture of steel. Steel, under very high temperatures, can indeed melt, or at least soften enough to cause a structural collapse.

As to other buildings being hit by planes and not falling, can you point me to one building that has taken a full force hit from a large industrial sized jumbo jet? To my knowledge such a thing has never happened before. So to say that a plane crash has never caused the collapse of a building is a bit misleading.

Smaller planes have hit smaller building and not caused structural collapse, but the facts show themselves, very small planes, small buildings.

In the case of 9/11 you have a group of people who purposely took large industrial jets that were bound for the opposite end of the country. Why? So they would have tens of thousands of more pounds of fuel on board.

These planes were taken from airports very close to the targets of attack so as to make sure as much fuel remained on board as possible.

Given the nature of such large high rise buildings, all it would take is a small amount of loss in structural integrity to cause a collapse in the buildings.

I am an engineer. From a scientific standpoint what happened on 9/11 was entire possible and a likely probability given the amounts of fuel involved and the temperatures at which they burned.

I understand you are not a science or engineering student, but before you wrote this stuff didn't you even think how, as you claim steel cannot be melted, they recycle more than 60% of all steel manufactured?

They do it by MELTING it.

Read up a bit more on steel and you'll see your ideas melt as quickly as steel does....

One of the major issues in the Middle East is that no one can seem to take responsibility for anything. It is always someone else's fault. The same goes here. I have no doubt that bin Laden carried out the attacks, he has said he did so. I also believe that it is entirely likely that Israeli intelligence knew the attack was going to have but withheld the information from the US to get the US further on it's side.

At the end of the day, scientific reason, FACT, says that the attacks were exactly what they seemed. Two planes fully loaded with fuel, struck the two buildings causing enough structural damage to cause their collapse. Well over a dozen Saudi men took over the planes. We have recorded telephone calls of the events of the hijacking in PA where numerous live witnesses saw Middle Eastern men, shouting Islamic slogans, take over the plane and murder several people in doing so. Bin Laden claimed the attacks as his own.

It is pretty clear cut. But hey, they are people that will fight you to the end and say we have never put a man on the moon. So I guess you can get people to believe anything.

أبو سنان said...

I forgot a very high profile example how recently a fuel truck in California crashed in a highway over pass. The resulting fire from the fuel was so hot that it melted the steel beams underneath the overpass and caused it collapse.

So it is very clear that a large amount of fuel will melt steel.

The link below is a story about it and some words on an engineering professor about how to build safer structures.

Most conspiracy theories do not hold up to fact and scientific knowledge. Interesting to note that the expert consulted for the article below is a Muslim civil engineer.