Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Free Fouad!

I have recently learned that a Saudi blogger, Fouad AlFarhan, has spent almost a month in jail.

Get him back to his kids, for God's sake.

Freedom of speech sounds pretty darn good right about now.



susu said...

Alfarhan is truly a brave man. What he has done takes courage in a country such as Saudi Arabia. This incident only shows how much of an oppressing regime the Saudi one is. It saddens me to see freedom being violated everyday in the kingdom. It’s a big shame, people should be even more determined to speak out and fear not this totalitarian government.

Tanker said...

KSA is far from the only government that suppresses speech, of course. Bloggers are being persecuted in many countries, even in the supposedly free West. The answer to this kind of oppression is more speech. They can't arrest everybody.